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Queen's Community Service Journal

Paris Morris - Mrs. Utah America


My name is Paris Morris and I am the reigning Mrs. Utah America.  I will proudly represent my state on the Mrs. America stage this March!  I am a mother to a beautiful toddler named Charlotte.  My husband, William, is my best friend and we have been married for almost five years! My family is my top priority.

My platform is the Operation Underground Railroad.  I am a trained volunteer with this nonprofit.  O.U.R. is an international organization that works with law enforcement to setup sting operations and arrest those involved in child trafficking.  They also have an aftercare program to provide therapy for survivors! 

I hold them near and dear to my heart. There’s a strong correlation between child exploitation and online predators. This is why I have branched off to teach internet safety to children in school and over FaceTime when the pandemic has called for it. I believe ever child deserves to have a childhood and this is why I have dedicated my year as Mrs. Utah America to fighting child trafficking! 

I would love to be the next Mrs. America to expand my reach and educate our nations children about internet safety! I especially want them to know how to properly react if they ever find themselves in a bad situation online. Screen time has skyrocketed for children during this pandemic. Many are attending school and doing homework online. It is critical for our children to have internet safety skills, especially during this tumultuous time in our world. 
Lastly, I want to be an example to women and mothers everywhere. It’s never too late to become the person you want to be! Dreams can come true in any season of life. I’m an example of this. After having my sweet daughter and then experiencing postpartum anxiety, I didn’t think I would ever feel like myself again. I’m thankful for my dream of being Mrs. Utah because it lit a fire within me that I completely forgot existed. Dreams make life magical! Amazing things will happen if you choose to believe in yourself!

All American Pageant


All American Pageant & Mrs. All American Pageant

25th Anniversary! 

What a time to be a beauty queen! Who could have foretold at the start of 2020 that our nation and our world would face so many unprecedented challenges all at once?  I remember my excitement at being crowned the first ever America United Ms. in July of 2019 and what a thrill it was to travel from Los Angeles to Seattle by train on the Coastal Starlight – a trip that had long been on my bucket list for many years!  And Seattle far exceeded my expectations; what a fun, beautiful, amazing city to begin a new reign!  Things could not have gotten off to a better start and I could not wait to begin promoting my platform to “End the Silence of Domestic Violence.”  As a survivor of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence this platform is very near and dear to my heart.
It seemed as if the whole world was looking forward to 2020 with so much excitement and anticipation.  After all, how could it already have been twenty years since the new millennium? And as an inaugural queen in a new system I was offered so many fun and exciting opportunities to appear as a distinguished guest at so many special occasions, civic ceremonies, and national events.  I had such a great time appearing as visiting royalty at the National American Miss pageant in it’s final year at Disneyland before it heads off to Orlando, Florida next year; I was humbled to serve my community by gathering and delivering toys at our annual Toys for Tots drive; and my kids and I had so much fun appearing together at our cities annual festival of lights.   
But then Covid-19 happened, and it was like the world put on the breaks.  We all watched with sadness and disbelief as more and more people became infected.  Italy was the first country to really pull at our heartstrings and it reminded us to shift our priorities.  As businesses were shut down and more and more events were cancelled it became necessary to focus on encouraging everyone to stay safe by wearing masks when not sheltering in place.  I immediately stepped into action, and together with one of my City Council members, I donated blood to the Red Cross to help with Covid relief – something which I have done twice now so far.  And I have still continued working to end the silence of domestic violence by keeping current on my “I Am The Face of Domestic Violence” Facebook page.
Although my inaugural 2019-2020 reign is about to come to an end, we are still only half- way through this challenging year and now we are facing social unrest due to a devastating act of racial injustice.  In light of those recent events, I have met with young African American men in my community to help spread empathy, understanding, and positivity.  We have worked together over the past few days to challenge stereotypes and promote peaceful change.
While so much in our world is still so uncertain, one thing is for sure, those of us who served all or part of our reigns during 2020 most certainly will never forget it! As I prepare to pass the crown I choose to focus on the positive and the amazing ways in which communities all over the globe have come together.  In my own neighborhood we have donated and shared extra face masks, food, hand sanitizer, and even toilet paper and paper towels!  I am so honored and proud to have been the first ever America United Ms. during this challenging time in history.  We are truly in this together and our nation will survive, emerging stronger and more united than ever.


It has been such an honor to be Ms Global US 2018. My platform is “Every Teen Seen.” This is dear to my heart as I and so many of my friends deal with the topic of suicide, whether personally or someone close to them. The goal is to reduce teen suicide and I have worked with the most amazing teens. Some have been suicidal in the past and some are currently struggling. I have worked with Hope Squad’s in high school and created events for teens to find passion and purpose in their life. The main focus has been to teach them their identity, find their purpose and give them connection. With those three things we can decrease the number of lives that are lost. It has been amazing to see teens band together and work to bring their peers hope. We can help change the future generations by strengthening out teens and they are already stepping up to their purpose in saving lives. Beautiful things are happening as we band together!